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Chesapeake Dental - Ceramic Restoration Videos

Back in the day, dentists could only do crowns in two visits, and the patient had to wear a temporary crown over a 2-3 week period. David Letterman below, questions why dentists today can't do it in one visit. Little did he know that at Chesapeake Dental, we have been doing crowns in one visit since 2003 and have perfected it. Below , is  David Letterman's comical rendition of the all to often  scenario when patients don't get  crowns in one visit.  


 Below is a video explaining how a ceramic restoration is made. Given that a digital image is taken,
and the margins or where the restoration meets the tooth are defined or found by a computer,
human error is taken out of the equation and restorations are more perfect than ever before in 
dentistry.  At  Chesapeake Dental, we love doing these restorations for patients because we know
they are the BEST!