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All Ceramic Restorations in Chester MD

Chesapeake Dental can fabricate a crown,a bridge or ceramic filling at one sitting.  It is called a Cerec restoration , which was developed at Zurich University and has  been sucessfully used in dental practices since 1985.

Long term clinical studies demonstrate that-in terms of durability- Cerec restorations are at least equivalent to gold restorations which most dentists know to be the best long term restorations, that is, before Cerec came along. The process is extemely easy for the patient, given that no messy impressions are taken:

To the right you see a 3 dimensional image was taken in just a
few seconds. Digital images are taken of the opposing teeth and
a digital image of the bite is taken.  With these three photos,
the computer can propose a crown /filling that looks like its adjacent teeth.

Given that it is a digital image, and that the computer actually
found the margins (the point where the restoration meets the tooth),these are the best fitting restorations ever fabricated.
Once the restoration is designed, the image is sent to a mill,
i.e. 3 D printer and fabricated in about 9-14 minutes. Once fabricated, we try it in and do any minor adjustments that are necessary then, we glaze the crown/filling and cement it the same day.

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