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Meet Dr. Pochron

Meet Dr. James Pochron, DDS 

Chester, MD Dentist - James Pochron

 I am a dentist that practices dentistry in Chester, MD. We have a "Hi-Tech" facility which opened in May of 2008. I grew up in a small town outside of Baltimore called Arbutus. From the age of 13,  I had always wanted to be a dentist. My desire to be a dentist resulted  because I hated my dentist.  He always hurt me and never cared if I could feel the pain.  I knew there had to be a  better way of treating people so they would not have to go through what I did as a kid. So I set my goals and priorities and "plotted my course".  Being from a family whose parents were divorced when I was 10 years old, money was scarce in our family.  I was told that if I wanted to go to the schools which I knew would help me become a dentist, I would have to pay for them myself. So I   got into Mount Saint Joseph High School and worked in the Chemistry Lab after school every day to pay for my tuition. Then I went to Loyola College in Baltimore, and then The University of Maryland Dental School.  I worked at Saint Agnes Hospital while attending these schools and I finally graduated from the University of Maryland in May, 1987.

Dentist in Chester - James Pochron

I got my first job as a dentist working in York, PA where I honed my skills. I soon learned that my education in dentistry was just beginning.  I had a good foundation to start with  and my experience was growing. I worked in many dental practices looking for that one practice at which  I could retire but also had the same "philosophy" as my own.  So while working in different places, I learned what I liked about some practices but more importantly,  what I did not like.  I knew one day I would have the"perfect practice"!!

One practice in particular, took me in a totally different direction. I was required to take a course by Pete Dawson in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was called "How to put your Practice in the Top 10%".  This course along with all of its sister courses greatly added to the knowledge I started out with at the University of Maryland. I learned where the process of tooth loss begins and how to recognize it early in the patient's life. I learned how to correct damage done by this process, and how to stop it so that patients can keep their teeth healthy for life. It really is an easy concept once you know how the process works. These "ideas" about keeping your teeth for life are taught by different schools around the country. The Dawson Institute(where I learn and continue to learn), the Pankey Institute, and Frank Spears all basically teach the same ideas, just in different ways.

Now I feel more complete when it comes to knowing dentistry and treating my patients competently. I also believe that there is always more to learn and better ways to do dentistry, particularly when it comes to technology.  Hence our office will always invest in cutting-edge technology and use the best products to deliver the best dentistry possible.

So how do I really practice dentistry and what took me so long to find my home. It was my practice philosophy. It's what makes me do what I do, and the way I do it. Below is my "philosophy" but before I go, let me mention that I am married to a wonderful woman who has helped me realize my dream in dentistry, Tracey.   As of April 28, 2010, we have added a new addition to our family, Chase James Pochron.

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