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The Smile Advantage Plan - Affordable Dental Care in Chester, MD

For those patients who don't currently have insurance but would like the benefit of having insurance, Chesapeake Dental offers an in-house "insurance program" called The Smile Advantage Plan.

This program costs $375.00 which activates the plan for one year. The cost of this plan covers and is basically the customary fee for 2-standard or periodontal maintenance cleanings, 2-examinations, and all the x-rays that are necessary for diagnostic purposes.

Patients who are enrolled in The Smile Advantage Plan are entitled to a 20% reduction off Chesapeake Dental's already low customary fees for any treatment including:

  1. white fillings
  2. posterior/ functional crowns
  3. bridges
  4. deep scales/root planing
  5. partials
  6. nightguards
  7. custom bleaching
  8. implant crowns
  9. Smile Lifts/cosmetic crowns
  10. Bite Equilibrations

Botox is not included due to our already low fees!